Martha Ballard's Diary, July 13 - 17, 1804

13 6
Clear Except light Showers. I have been very unwel. Cyrus Butcherd our Calf, went to markit with one quarter & ye Skin. Hannah and Sally Pollard Sleep here. at home. Hannah & Sally Sleep here.  
14 7
Clear. Cyrus went to Carry Some of the harslet of ye Calf to his Father. Jack Ballard Conducted Son Ephms wife & Babe here. at home. Son Ephms wife and Babe Came here.  
15 1
Cloudy. Son & Dagt Lambd, their Babe, Son Jona, his wife, Ephm and his wife, Heman & Lemuel and James Purington partook of a Loin of Veal with me but, alas, my husband is Debard the favour. at home. Part of my Childn here.  
16 2
Clear part of the day. Ephms wife and I went to Son Jonas. mrss Black & Kent there, Sally Farewel allso. I Came home, made Coffee. had Lefy Cowen, Dolly Thomas, Barny Lambd, Hannah & Sally Pollard to Partake with me. Ephms wife and Babe Sleep here. at Son Jonas. mrs Black [&] Kent here.  
17 3
Clear part of the day, Some Showers. Son Ephms wife and Babe went from here after Breakfast. I have Cleand my Sellar and done other [matters]. Betsy washt. Hannah & Sally Sleep here. Cyrus informd me yt mr Cottles youngest Child is interd ys day and 1 of mr Crosbys of Belgrade. at home. Son Ephms wife went home, Cyrus Conducted her. Deaths mr Cottles & Crosbys Childn.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.