Martha Ballard's Diary, June 18 - 23, 1804

18 2
Clear Except a sprinkling of rain. I have been at home, felt very feeble but have had to do my hous work. Joanna Badcock Came for some Cloaths Shee left here. Mr Waters Supt and Sleeps here. Cyrus been to Carry wool to the masheen for Dagt Ballard. at home. mr Waters Sleeps here.  
19 3
Clear. mr Waters went from here to go to Bror Ebenzr Moors & Doct Bartons, Jona gone with him. Sally Farewel Calld here. Shee had been to ye Stores for Cloathing for Son Ephms Babe. Hannah Ballard went to draw her Aunts Breasts, returnd at Evn. Says her aunt is quite unwel this aftern. I have Cut grass, houghd the polatoes west Side ye hous. feel fatagued. at home.  
20 4
Clear. I have Cutt grass, Sage and feverfue [&] Burnit. went aftern to See Son Ephms wife, find her more Comfortable. her Babe Seems Cleverly. Cyrus been down to the Settlement. informs me yt Ebenz Towns youngest Child Expired ys day. at mrs Farewels, find them more Comfortable. A Death.  
21 5
Clear part of the day. I have Sett [120] Cabbage and Turnip plants and done other matters in my Gardin. Bakt Cake and done hous wk. Son Ephm gave Joanna Smith an order on P. T. Voce for 12/. at home. Joanna washt fr me.  
22 6
Clear. I have workt in my Gardin, Sett 24 plants, transplantd W Squash & Cucumbers. mrs Stone Calld to See me. mr Lambard and Waters went to Son Pollards, Jona & wife allso. my Nepheu Sleeps here. at home. mr Waters Sleeps here.  
23 7
Clear. I have done my hous work and attended to my plants. Covered and uncoverd them. done Some washing for my Nephew but what pain I have endurd in my left knee & legg. mr Waters Calld Son Jona & wife to See me. they went home [again]. at home, very ill at Evng

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.