Martha Ballard's Diary, June 3 - 11, 1804

3 1
Clear part of the day, raind foren. I have had Collic Symtoms but feel better. Ephm & his men and Cyrus all Staid at home. Joanna went home ys morn. [at home, feel unwell].  
4 2
Clear foren, thunder and rain aftern. I have transplanted Squash and Cucumbr Plants. Planted a fue potaloes, Swept ny Chambers and done my other hous wk. at home. workt some in my Gardin.  
5 3
Clear Except a Shower. I have workt in my Gardin and done hous work. Plantd a few hils potaloes west of ye hous. at home. Cyrus been to Coart.  
6 4
Clear. I have workt in the Gardin. Cyrus ploughd the door yard. mrs Farewel here to Tea. Son Town Sleeps here. at home. Son Town Sleeps here.  
7 5
Clear, a warm Sun, W wind, Cool at Evng. I did my hous work. Son Town left here after Breakfast. I went aftern to See mrss Farewel, the first time I have been in her house Since Shee lived in it. at mrs Farewels. Cyrus to Coart.  
8 6
Clear. I have been at home, helpt wash. Joanna Smith workt for me this day. mrs Dunfee & Dagt Ballard took Tea here. at home.  
9 7
Clear. I workt in the door yd forenn, did my ironing aftern. Sally Farewel Calld here. I have felt very feeble ys day. at home.  
10 1
Shoury. Cyrus and Ephm to meeting. I have sufered much with faintness this day. John Jones had a Bill for Prayers on the Death of his Brother. at home, feel very feeble.  
11 2
Clear. I have workt in my Gardin, transplanted Cucumbers &C. done my hous work. have felt better than I did ye 2 days past. Cyrus down to the Settlement, Brot me 2 quarts Ginn which mr Gill Sent to me. at home. Planted potatoes South Side of ye Gardin.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.