Martha Ballard's Diary, May 20 - 27, 1804

20 1
Clear and pleast. Daugt Lambard, Sons Jona, Ephm and their wives Dind here. I felt very unwel. this morning Joanna Smith Came and did my work. [at home. part of my Childn here].  
21 2
Clear day, Thunder & rain at night. I helpt Joanna wash. at home, washt.  
22 3
Clear. I have Done part of my hous work and workt in my Gardn. Sowd Cabbage Seed North of ye hous, Sett 6 apple trees.   
23 4
Clear and very pleast. Son Ephms wife Came this morn, has been mending Cloaths for him & Boys. I roasted Veal for Dinner, made Rhubarb tarts aftern. Jona and wife & Wilm here to Tea. Joana washt part of my wool. at home. Jona & Epm wives here. Lothrop is not so wel as he was yesterdy
24 5
Clear and pleast. Son Ephms wife workt here. Shee and I went to Son Jonas aftern. mrs Church Came there. at my Sons.  
25 6
Clear. I workt a little in my Gardin and washt wool & knit Some. Dagt Ballard & Sally Pierce here to Tea. mr Partridg here for the Plan of the Jail yard. Old Lady Cypher here for Seeds. at home.  
26 7
Clear and warm. I have workt in my Gardin and in the hous and am much fatagued. the Lord only knows when I Shall be relivd. at home, workt in my Gardin & Planted [Beens].  
27 1
Clear. I have felt very unwel but have had my work to do. Son Ephms wife here, took super. Jonas wife and part of her Childn here. Son Lambard been here. at home. my Son Cyrus to meeting.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.