Martha Ballard's Diary, May 5 - 10, 1804

5 7
Clear. I have dug ground. Sowd Beets, Carrots, Early peas, Safron and other matters. I then walkt to Shubl pittss. Saw my Dear husband there, partook of a dish of Tea with him. then to my great mortification, he left me and went to his place of destination, where I wish him the presence of the great parent of the universe. at Pittss. the School hous was raised, my husband attended.  
6 1
Cloudy and rain. I attended public worship, returnd to mr Pittss. Sleep there this night. at Ditoes.  
7 2
Cloudy morn, Clear aftern. my Dear husband attended me to mr Gills after Breakfast. he Came and took Tea. I tarried all night. mrss Gill was taken in Labour about the middle of ye night and assistanc was Calld in. at Ditoes.  
8 3
X. Birth Charls Gills 7 Child, 3d Dagt. XX.
Clear and very warm. my patient was Safely Deld of her 9th Child & 3d Dagt at 3h 30m ys morn, and is Cleverly. I tarried till mrs Conr Came to Nurs and Came home attended [by] Harnon Barton. Daugt Ballard Came and took Tea. Son Ephm & Prentiss to wk at the school hous, my husband allso. at Ditoe. Dagt Ballard here to Tea. Birth 4th. recvd 1 Gln Gin [and] 1 Bushl Corn.  
9 4
Clear. I have been at home. mrss Farewel here, mrss Burtun allso. my husband workt at ye School hous. at home. mrs Burtun & Farewel here.  
10 5
Cloudy, raind Some. I have been at home. Joanna went to Leut Wilm Stones, he Sent me 6/ in part of my Due. at home. Leut Wm Stone Crdtby Cash 6/ [ rewd]. 

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.