Martha Ballard's Diary, January 18 - 24, 1804

[18] 4
Cloudy, very high wind fm ye west. I have done my hous work but very unable. at home.  
19 5
Clear and Cold. I have done my hous work. Cyrus doing mallers out doors and went to mill. he was at Magr Heaths to See his Father, finds him well. at home. Jonathan Runels Expired this night.  
20 6
Clear part of ys day and Cold, Snowd at Evng. Lathrop Sleeps here. I have done my hous work & ironing. Cyrus Cut wood and helpt at ye Barn. at home. Lathrop Sleeps here. Death John Boltons wife.  
21 7
Death of Old mrs Fairfield.
Clear and very Cold. I have been at home. Cyrus went and Carried his Fathers Clean Cloaths, was informd of the Death of Jona Runels & the wife of John Bolton. may we all attend to ye Call, be ye allso ready. at home. funeral of Jona Runels of Sydney.  
22 1
Clear and Cold. Son Ephm & Polly Farewel, mr Plumer & Sally Do and others went to Son Pollards. I have been at home, removd my Bed from ye kitchen into ye N. room. Son Jona was in to See me but, alas, my husband I have not Seen Since ye 2nt inst. at home. mr Plumer & Sally Farewel here. Funeral of John Boltons wife.  
23 2
Cloudy & Sun Shine by turns. I have felt very unwel, but have had to do my work and did Some mending. Jon a and his wife here at Evng. Shee took Tea. returnd Some Shee had borrowed and gave me Some Coffee. at home. Jon a and wife here at Evng.  
24 3
Clear and not so Cold. Son Lambard brot his wife and Babe and Suky Capin here. I have done my washing and hous work. Dagt Ballard and part of her Childn here. Shee informd me that James Duttun of Reedsfield Expired last night. Ephm Leighton Sleeps here. at home. Dagt Lambard to see me.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.