Martha Ballard's Diary, January 12 - 17, 1804

12 5
Clear. I have Scourd the Shelvs in my Buttery, washt ye floor of that and ye North room. Rachil Scourd my puter &C and left me to do for my Self. at home. Rachel Town went from here to Hallowell.  
13 6
Clear part of ys Day. I have been very unwell. Lydia Nudd Calld here. Son & Dagt Lambd Came in to See me, made me a prest of 9_ lb Beef and 1_ lb Butter. Son Town Came at Evng, made me a prest of a fine Goos. Doct Barton Came, he Sleeps here allso. at home. friends here to See me. Cyrus Saw his fathir ys day, he is well.  
14 7
Clear part of ys day. Doct Barton and Son Town left here after Break fast. I have done my hous work but feel very unable. Dagt Ballard Calld in to See me. I Sent mrs Getchel 5/3d on Rachel Towns acount which was all that was due from me to her. at home.  
15 1
Snowd fore n. Cyrus & I tarried at home. Son Ephm Came here & Dind. mr Gill here, wisht to have me go and See 2 of his Childn who are Sick, but I was So unwel that I Could not go. Dagt Ballard went. at home. mr Gill here, his Childn are Sick. funeral of mr Crosbys Dagt.  
16 2
Clear and pleast foren, Cloudy aftn. I have been about hous and done my work tho unable. Dagt Ballad and part of her Childn here at Evn. Hannah brot her writeing, it is wel done for the begining. at home. Dagt Ballard here at Evn. I finisht a Pair hoes for Cyrus.  
17 3
Cloudy, rain at night. Wm Cypher workt here. I have done my hous work. Betsy & Lydia Church here. at home, done hous wk and washing.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.