Martha Ballard's Diary, December 21 - 25, 1803

21 4
Clear. I was Calld at 11h last night to go and See A mrs Whitton at Hallowel. I arivd about 1 this morn, find the patient Deld of her Child, a daugt. her 5 Child and 2nt by her Prest husband. Shee was not fully delivd. I performd what was remaining to be done and put her to bed Safe. I tarried all night. Mrss Freeman, Benn Whites and T. Stickneys wives were there had dresed the infant &C,&C. I Sett out for home the wrideing very bad. I Calld at the Revd mr Stones and warmd, and from there I reacht home at noon. Capt Toby Dind with us. I was very much fatagued indead. at home till 11h Evn when Calld by A mr Whinton to Hallowell. Birth 16th.  
22 5
Clear, Cold but a pleast Sun. I have been doing my hous work but feel very unfitt to do it. mrs Church here, brot me 2lb 3 oz flax. I let her have the Same wt of Candles. Son & Dagt Lambd Came, he went with Dolly to Son Pollards, returnd and Slept here. at home. Son & Dagt Lambd Sleep here.  
23 6
Clear. Dagt Lambd here makeing her Self a Goun. Shee went to Son Jonas aftern. I have helpt do my hous work & knit. at home. Dagt Lambd here.  
24 7
XX. Birth Francis Touls Son & first [Child. Birth 17 th. XX.]
Snowd last night and Some this day. Son Lambd brot his Sister Capin here foren. Shee and my Dagt Set out for home after 3h pm. I then washt mr Ballard & Cyruss Shirts. have Bakt ys day. was Calld by Francis Toul to go and See his wife at dusk, arivd at Son Pollards where they reside, at 6 Evn. Shee was Deld at 8 of a Son, her first born. I tarrie all night, Slept Some. at home till Evn, then to F. Towls. mrs Capin been here. I made a pres of 3 pulits to Dolly Lambd.  
25 1
Cloudy and misty. I left my Patient at 2h Pm, reacht home at 3, find I had been Calld for to go to Hallowell. Son Ephm Supt. Lathrop & Burr Came at Evng. Bur Sleeps here, they have finished their work for mr Voce. at Son Pollards. Ephm finishd work for Voce last night.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.