Martha Ballard's Diary, December 12 - 20, 1803

12 2
very rainy. I have done hous work and knit, Rachel finisht a Shirt for Cyrus. mr Ballard workt at ye Shop. at home.  
13 3
raind the most of ys day. I have helpt wash and do hous work, finisht mr Ballards mitts. he workt at ye Shop forn & went down below aftn. at home, knit, [washt], did hous wk & Sewed Some.  
14 4
Clear and Colder, freezes at night. I have finisht mending drawers and began a Stockin for Son Cyrus. he has been to Son Lambards, brot me a present of 2 new Pockets from little Dolly. mr Ballard been down to ye Coart hous. at home. mr Ballad bot me 4 oZ Snuf. Cyrus bot as much more for me.  
15 5
Clear. I have Bakt and done hous work, Sorted part of my apples and Cut those that were Speckt with rot. Rachel Town Sett out to go to Pitts ton at 11h AM. mr Ballard and Cyrus Down to the Settlement. at home. Rachel went to visit her Mother. we paid her 6/ Cash.  
16 6
Cloudy, Snowd a little. I have done my hous work and knit Some. at home.  
17 7
Clear and Cloudy by turns. I have Done my hous work. Sally Farwel Calld here as Shee was going to her Marms. Son Ephm took Supper here then went to mrss Farewels. at home.  
18 1
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard at meeting. Son Jona, his wife, Martha & mrs Getchel Supt here. Hannah, Sally, Sabery, EZekiel and Wilm here ys aftern. I have not felt So wel as I Could wish but have done my work. my Dagt brot me a Loaf wheat bread and Some Butter. at home. Son Jona and part of his famely here.  
19 2
Clear and prety Cold. I have done hous work, washt ye Buttery and kitchen and knit 28 purls on Cyruss Stockin. this is the aniversary of my Mariage. at home. I have livd in a Mariage State 49 years.  
20 3
Birth Whitons Dagt.
Clear and very Cool. Dagt Ballard here for Stay pieces. Polly & Sally Farewel Calld here as they were going down to ye Settlement ys Evng. at home, did my work [          ] and knit 40 purls.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.