Martha Ballard's Diary, December 4 - 11, 1803

4 1
Clear and more moderate. mr Ballard, Cyrus & Ephm attended worship at mr Stones meeting. I have been at home. had my work to do aftern by reason of Rachel being unwell. Shee was on the Bed till I had got Super on table, when Shee got up and partook with us. She washt the dishes and went and Spent ys Evng at Son Jonas. at home.  
5 2
Clear and pleast. mr Ballard workt at ye Shop till aftern when he Came in; is not very well. Rachel washt, I did ye hous work & knit Some. Polly Town is 22 years [old] ys day. at home. Son Lambd Calld here. PollyTowns Birth day.  
6 3
Clear and pleast. I have been working on Cyruss winter Shirts. Rachel Town helpt me and did hous work. mrs Cypher here. at home. mrs Cypher here.  
7 4
Clear and pleast for ye Season. I have been at home, did hous work. we Bakt Broun bread and Pumkin pies. mrs Farewel Calld here. mr Ballard workt at ye Shop, he is not very well. at home. mrs Farewel Calld here.  
8 5
Clear and pleast. we Sent and brot Polly Farewel here to make me a goun. mr Ballard been Surveying a road from Sydna South [here] to Saml Hovys. I have finisht a Shirt for Cyrus. at home. Polly Farewel workt [here].  
9 6
rainy. I have been at home, done hous wk and Sewing. Polly finisht my Goun & mended Cloaths for mr Ballard. son Lambd Came and Carried Barny home. Jon a, his wife & part of yr Childn here. at home. Barny Lambd went home.  
10 7
Clear and very Pleast. mr Ballard is so wel as to go down to ye Settlement. Lathrop and Moody Dind here. Polly went home at 4h pm, Le faett went with her and rode ye hors home. I have Done hous work & knitt some. at home. Polly [went] home [aftn]. 
11 1
Clear and pleast but very muddy traviling. mr Ballard & Ephm only went to meeting from here. Rachel spent aftern at Son Jonas. I had Supper to Prepare my Self tho very unable. Heman Burr Supt & Sleeps here. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.