Martha Ballard's Diary, November 6 - 13, 1803

6 1
Cloudy morn, began to rain Just after we got to meeting and Continued all day. the Ordinanc of the Super was administred. mr Ballard and I went to Shubal Pitses at intermition, Richd Foster and his wife there. he is an inhabiter of the Jail at present. I feel for her affliction. at Meeting, it is Communion day.  
7 2
Cloudy. I have been doing hous work, Cutt Pumkins to Drie. mrs Getchel Dind here, her Dagt is with me to help do my work. mr Ballard went down to ye Settlement aflern. mrs Getchel brot her dagt a new coat & Short goun. Shee put them on this day. at home. mrs Gelchel here.  
8 3
Clear. I have done my washing and Cut 7 pumpkins to drie. Hannah Getchel helpt about hous. mr Ballard to mr Andruss to have Smith work done to a Plough. at home.  
9 4
Snowd foren. I have Bakt pumkin Pies, helpt do hous work and Doubled yarn. at home.  
10 5
Cloudy. Hannah Getchel went to my Sons, being unwell. I have done hous work and finisht doubling yarn. at home, hannah went to my Sons.  
11 6
Cloudy. I got Breakfast, was then Calld to See the wife of Jery Towl who is unwell; was there this day and night. at Jery Towls.  
12 7
X. Birth Jery Towls 11th Child, a Dagt. XX.
Clear part of the day. my Patient was So ill as to have women Calld in aftr 5h morn. Shee Lingured till 45m pm when Shee was Safe Deld of a Dagt, her 11th Child. it wd 9 lb _. I left her at about 2 and returnd home, find Some work to do; finisht it at 10h 40m Evng. at Jery Towls. Birth 15th. Decr 10th, Crdt by a pr Shoes.  
13 1
Cloudy and Cold, Snowd a little. I have been at home. mr Ballard to meeting. Son and Dagt Ballard, mrs Getchel Dind here. Billy, Sally & Martha, hannah G. & B. & Lindy Slept here. Son Ephm went to mr Pollard s. at home. Jona & part of famely here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.