Martha Ballard's Diary, October 23 - November 5, 1803

23 1
Clear. I attended worship aftern. mr Parker Performd. I went to Son Lambds to See Lucy, Shee is unwell. at meeting & Son Lambds.  
24 2
Clear. I did my hous work and went to my Sons. at Jonas.  
25 3
X. Birth Pres Hamlins 3d Child. .
Clear. I went to Peres Hamlins, Put his wife to Bed with her 3d Child and first Dagt, left them Comfortable and returnd home at 3h Pm. recd [9/] as a rewd. at Peres Hamlins. Birth 14th. recd 9/.  
26 4
Clear. I have been at home, done my work. at home.  
27 5
Clear. mrs Cypher and Sally Church did my washing. I paid them a pisterene Each. Dagt Lambd, Rachel Capin & Dolly Lambd here. I went to Jonas and took Tea, mr Ballard allso. at Jonas. Dagt Lambd here.  
28 6
Clear. I have done my hous work, Ironed till mid night but how unable. at home.  
29 7
rainy. I am down Sick this Evng, have Lost much of the Seat of life this aftern. God grant me Grace to Submit to all his dispensations with Patience. at home, very unwell.  
30 1
Clear. I have not been able to Sett up part of ys Day. Doct Barton Came here at noon, he tarries all night. mr Ballard, Cyrus & Ephm to meeting. Dagt Ballard Came and helpt me get Supper. at home. Doct Barton Came here.  
31 2
X. Birth mr Cottles 16th Child. X.
Clear and very windy. mr Cottle Calld me Early ys morn to See his wife. Shee was Safe deld at 4h pm of her 10th Daugt and 16th Child. I tarrid there all night. I receivd 9/ for a reward. at mr Cottles. Birth 15th, a 16th Child.  
1 3
Clear and pleast. I left My Patients as well as Could be Expected. Calld at Son Pollards and reacht home at 10h morn, did my hous work up. at Ditoes.  
2 4
Clear. Sally Church washt for [me]. I Paid her 2/1. Hannah Getchel Came to help me. at home.  
3 5
Clear. I have helpt do my work. at home.  
4 6
Clear. I helpt do my work & went to Lecter. at meeting.  
5 7
Cloudy. mr Ballard Ploughing. I have been at home, helpt do my work. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.