Martha Ballard's Diary, July 16 - 27, 1803

16 7
Clear. I have done my hous work & Some in my Gardin. Son Ephm Came home. at home.  
17 1
Cloudy, raind before night. Son Lambd, Amos Pollard, son Jona & wife to Son Pollards. Milly Capin, Allin, Thomas & Dolly Lambd Sup here and Sleept. at home.  
18 2
Clear. I have been unwel. mrs Badcock and towo of Saml Badcks Daughts here, Elijah Barton allso. Ephm Sleeps here. at home. mrs Badcock here.  
19 3
Clear. Dagt Pollard & Polly Town Came here, Polly & I to Son Jonas. Ephm Conducted Polly Farewell from her uncles, Calld here. Lydia Nud Sleeps here. at my Sons. Polly Town here.  
20 4
Clear Part of ye day. I Setled with Lydia Nud, there is 2/5 due to me. Shee went home. Sally Church washt & Scourd for me, I paid her 2/7_. Old Lady Coal Sleeps here. Shee, Jona, his wife and 4 Childn to Tea with us. at home, mrs Coal here.  
21 5
Clear. I went to Son Jonas to see Ephm, he is very unwell. mrs Coal went away. Polly Farewel Came to Sew for me. at my Sons.  
22 6
Cloudy & rain. I have done my work. Sally Denison here. I was Calld in hast to Timy Woodwards, his wife was Deld of her Second Child & Daugt by Doct Howard before we arivd at 4h pm. I Slept at Son Pollards, was Some fatagued. at Timy Woodwds. Birth, his 2nd Dagt.  
23 7
Cloudy & rain. I Calld to see the patient, recd 6 lb chees / 7d pr lb and returnd home. at Ditoes.  
24 1
Clear. mr Ballard, Polly Town & Cyrus to meeting. mrs Kimball Sleeps here. at home.  
25 2
rainy Part of ye day. mrs Kimbal went after breakfast to my sons. mrs Trask and my Dagt Balld and Hannah & 2 Cousins took Tea with me. mrs T. & ye Childn Sleep here. at home, mrs Trask here.  
26 3
Clear part of ye day. mr Ballard Sett out to go to Davis Town. Dagt Lambd Came here. I houghd Cucumbers and went to Son Jonas with her. Polly Town Came home with me. at my Sons. Dagt Lambd here.  
27 4
Cloudy, raind aftern. I workt in ye Gardin Some. Polly and I made Cherry & Curent Tarts and Shee mend Cloaths for her Grand dady. at home. Polly Town here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.