Martha Ballard's Diary, June 9 - 17, 1803

9 5
Clear. I planted musk mellons and removd apple trees, removd Chips &C. we had a man by the name of Conant who dug gardin for us. at [home]. Saml Badcock 3d & Hitty Pierc [were] Married.  
10 6
Clear. I have dug some in my Gardin, planted Squash Seeds, removd Sage &C. Dagt Ballard Dind and Polly Bolton Sleeps here. Son Ephm here ys night. mr Ballard been makeing a plan for Crosby & Robinson. at home.  
11 7
Clear. I have been to See Crocketts Child, it is more Comfortable. at mr Crocketts.  
12 1
Clear. mr Ballard, Lathrop & Lydia at meeting. we took Supper at Son Jonas. at son Jonas.  
13 2
Clear. we washt. I helpt Old Lady Pollard, her Dagt Polly & Dagt Ballard, Son Jona & Son Pollard here to Tea. the Old Lady Sleeps here. at my Sons, Hannah unwell. a Child of Jery Dumers Expired.  
14 3
Clear. I finisht washing my Bed quillts and planted Cucumbers, Sett apple trees &C. Dagt Ballard here to Tea. Shee that was Betsy Voce, now mrs Young, her husband & his Bror here. Son Ephm and Lathrop Came here at Evng. at home. mr Elisha Mathews remains interd this Day, and mr Evliths Child Expird.  
15 4
Clear and Cool. I have been at home, workt in the gardin. Sett 20 Cabbages, Some Lettuce and helpt do hous work. I pikt Cottne. Son Ephm Setled with Lathrop, paid him his Due Except 5 Dollars. L. Sett out for Buck field. at home. mrs Farewell Calld here. Hannah PollardCame [here].  
16 5
raind. I have been at home, made 30 _ Dozn Candles, Lydia helpt me. mr Evliths Child was interd this aftern. at home. made [Candles]. Funeral Evlth Child.  
17 6
raind Part of the day. I made 15 Dozn Candles. Hannahs Pollard & Ballard Sleep here. at home. made 15 [Dozn] Candles.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.