Martha Ballard's Diary, March 17 - 23, 1803

17 5
Snowd. I have been at home makeing Soap, finisht footing mr Ballards Stockins. at home.  
18 6
Clear part of the day. I have been about my Soap and began to foot a pair hoes for Cyrus. mr Prince Baker here, Supt here. he had a Plan of New Sharon to Carrie to Judg Coneys which he is to return. at home. mr Prince Baker of New Sharon Supt here.  
19 7
Clear and very pleast. I went to Son Jonas aftern, Sally is unwell. Lydia Complains of a Pain in her head. I aplyed Camphir when Shee went to bed. at Son Jonas. I paid 12/ to Lydia Nud.  
20 1
Clear and very pleast but it is very bad traveling. mr Balld, Cyrus & Ephm at meeting. Lydia wint to Son Jonas. he and his wife & yr Son Jona were at meeting. at home. mr Cleark & Ruth Springer joind inMariage.  
21 2
Clear and Colder & windy. mr Balld is gone again to prosceed in heading the Lotts East Side the river. he did not return at night. I have been at home, knit on Cyruss hoes. at home. Daniel Woodward had a son Born ys day, his first Child.  
22 3
Clear and windy. I have been at home, finisht Cyruss hoes. Son Jon a, his wife, mrs Pierce and Sally took Tea here. Jon a & Son Lambd been to Son Pollards, they are all well. mr Ballard returnd at Evn, has finished the work he went upon. at home. Dagt Ballad & mrs Pierce here. I hear James Smith had a Son Born ys day.  
23 4
Clear. I have been at home, knit on a Stockin for Hannah Ballard & makeing Soap. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.