Martha Ballard's Diary, February 28 - March 7, 1803

28 2
Clear. I have been at home. it began to Snow at Evn. the Girls have washt and been to Jonas. I began to make me A Skirt. Leut John Shaw paid his Taxes. Georg Andrus paid 1D 50 Cents. at home. mr Ballard gone to mr Foys.  
1 3
Snowd. I have finisht my Skirt and knitt some. mr Ballard returnd. at home. Jona & wife to Asa Pierces.  
2 4
Clear and Cold. Nabby Fall left here, we have Paid her all her wages for work Shee has done here. at home. Nabby left here, wint to Hallowell.  
3 5
Clear and Pleast. mrs Forbes and her Son Robd left here after breakfast bound for Gloster, they Slept here last night. I have been at home. Dagt Ballard went to Son Pollards. Son Ephm & my [sic]. at home. mrs Forbs Set out fm here for Gloster.  
4 6
Clear and pleast. Son Jona & Daug Lambd Dind here then went to Son Pollards. they returnd at 10h Evn. mr Ballard been to pay money to the Treasurers. Bror Ebenzr Sleeps here, Allin Lambd & Ephm Ballard allso. at home. Bror EbenZ Sleeps here. Son Jona has seen 40 years this day.  
5 7
Clear. mr Ballard went to Sydny to Survey, Bror EbenZ Moore with him. Jona and wife Dind here. I finisht futing her Stockins. at home.  
6 1
Clear. mr Ballard, Cyrus, Ephm and Lidia went to meeting. I was at home. at home.  
7 2
Birth mr Thompsons Child.
Clear. I was Calld up about mid night to go to mr Thompsons, wrode beyond mr Edsons when I was met and informd the patient was Delivered. I then returned home attended by mr Edson, arivd at 2h morn, very Cold. I have been mending Cloaths. Lidia washt. a mr Lathrop Came to work for son Ephm. Set out to go to mr Thompsons.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.