Martha Ballard's Diary, January 7 - 14, 1803

7 6
Clear. mr Waid Butchered 2 Swine for us. wt of both 413lb. Nabby is not very well and I had more to do than I was able. I tryed the Lard ys evning. at [home] we had [] hoggs Butchered.  
8 7
Clear and Colder. I have been trying our Tallow and Salting the meat, and doing other matters till late in the Evng. Nabby Complains of feeling very unwell, took herb Tea when Shee went to Bed. at home.  
9 1
Clear. mr Ballard & Son Ephm to meeting. Son Jona & wife here and Supt with us. Nabby Complains of A pain in her right Side, took Tea again. at home. Son Jona and wife here.  
10 2
Clear. I did my washing, Nabby the work about hous and helpt me wash the kitchen floor. at home.  
11 3
Cloudy, Snowd at Evng. I have been to my Sons to See Patty, Shee fell out of her Brothers arms & hurt her face. I have finished futing mr Ballards hoes and began to fut A pair for my Self. Nabby and I pickt up the Chips at the door. mr Ballard to son Lambds. Docl Barton here, his famely well. Eliab Shaws wife & mrs Braley Calld here, Sarah Cleark allso. at my Sons. A Suden Death at Hollowell this day, a mr [Johnston].  
12 4
Cloudy. I have been at home, done work about hous, put the tripe in Sous liquir. Cyrus Carried my web to mrs Shaw to weave, 39 Skeins warp, 37 of filling. at home.  
13 5
Clear. I have been at home. Son Town Sleeps here. P. Bullin supt with us, Son Jon a allso. at [home]. Son [Town] came [here].  
14 6
Cloudy, Snowd at night. I have been at home, workt more than was fiting for me. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.