Martha Ballard's Diary, December 12 - 18, 1802

12 1
Clear. mr Ballard to meeting. Ephm & Son Lambd to Son Pollards, they Calld here at Evng. Tommy going home with his dady. Darcos Hodges with Son Pollard going to liv with mr Partrage. mr Bunker was in Company with them. at [home.] Sons Pollard & Lambd here.  
13 2
Clear. I have done my hous work and Some washing and went to Son Jonas, find them as well as Could be Expected. I knitt 30 purls on a Slockin for my husband after 7h Evng. at my Sons.  
14 3
Snowd. I have Bakt & Brewd and done my other work. mr Evlith here for advice respecting his inft. mr Ballard was at son Lambd, [bot] a Chees, wd 17 lb. at home. mr [Evelith] here.  
15 4
moderate. I have been at home. at home.  
16 5
Snowd and Blowd. I removd my pickles (with the help of Cyrus) into the Sellar and did my other work. at home.  
17 6
Clear and very Cold & windy. I have been at home, feel unwell. at home.  
18 7
Cloudy and Cold. mr Ballard gone to mill. I have done my work. Son Jona here, he Seems Some better. mr Kinsly & Bill Cypher workt for us giting wood. at home. Kinsly & Cypher workt here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.