Martha Ballard's Diary, November 3 - 8, 1802

3 4
Snowd. Sally workt for me, went home at Evn. I was Calld at 7h Evng by mr Evlith to go and See his wife. the wrideing was very bad, but we arivd Safe from harm. at mr Evliths.  
4 5
X. Birth mr Evliths Daugt. XX.
Cloudy. mrs Evlith was Safe Deld at 2h ys morn of a daughtr, her first Born. I lefe her afler he brot mrs Conry as Nurs. Shee was very ill but I left her as well as Could be Expected. mrs Eads Deld by Doct Cony, her inft is dead. at Ditoes. Birth 9th. recd 10/6 as a reward.  
5 6
Clear. I have felt very unwell but have had my work to do. mr Ballard to Lecter, I did not feel able. mr Evelith here for some advice respecting his inft, as it Seems unwell. at home. Lecter. mr Evelith here.  
6 7
Clear and pleast for ye Season. mrs Farewell and her sist Bakor here, took Tea. I have been at home. Sally Church helpt me, we Bakt Pumpkin & apple Pies & brown Bread. I paid her 1/6, and to Sally Farewel for spining hoes yn /11. at home, had Compy
7 1
Clear. the Sacrament administred. I was not able to attend. Son Jona & Lambd and yr wives took Tea here. at home. Communion day. Childn here.  
8 2
Clear and pleast. I have Done my work, Strained the liquer from apple pareings. mr Ballard been to pitts ton Seeking help for me, but did not Suckseede. at home. Jabish Cowen Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.