Martha Ballard's Diary, October 12 - 17, 1802

12 3
Clear. I am So unwell I Could not Sett up but little. Dagt Ballard here, Ephm is very Sick at Son Lambards. at home. Ephm Sick at Lambds.  
13 4
Cloudy part of ye day. Polly Farewell Came to do Some Sewing for me. mr Ballard been Surveying for Doct Mires. Son & Dagt Pollard dind here & went to Son Lambards. Cyrus & Bill Cypher got in Corn. at home. Polly Farewell here. Son Pollard & wife Dind here.  
14 5
Cloudy. I have been at home. Jonas Sons Sleep here. aniversary of arival at kenebeck. at home.  
15 6
I have been at home, it is 25 years yesterday Since I arivd at kenebeck. how many Siens have passt Since. Son Ephm returnd from mr Lambds, is as well as Can be Expected. at home. Ephm returnd.  
16 7
rainy. I have been very unwell. Polly Farewell did my hous work. I went aftern to see Barna Lambd, find him very low indead; tarried there all night. I Calld at mr Andrews, find 5 of his famely Sick with ye measels. at Son Lambds & mr Andrewss
17 1
Clear. I tarried at my Sons till after meeting [then] Came as far as mr [Andrews], tarried all night on mrs Duttuns acount, went to bed and Slept some. al my Sons [&] mr Andrewss

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.