Martha Ballard's Diary, September 1 - 4, 1802

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Clear. I was again Calld on to visit mrs Lyon. I went, wrode there without dismounting. find her a little easier by the help of an opiate which Doct Hubard had given her. her pain returned about Sun Sett. he Calld to See her again at 10h Evn, made a very pertinent prayer with her and gave her an other annidine. Shee was Easier thro the night. at Amos Lyons, his wife is Sick. Son Lambds Birth day.  
2 5
Clear. I am at mr Lyons, his wife is much distresed with pain; it Seems a uterine Complaint, and wind. I administred a Clister which gave her great relief. Shee became pirfectly Easy. I went to mr Preskotts and larried all night, had the Cramp and Slept but little. Peris Hamlins wife there. at Ditoes, mr Swantons & Preskotts. Dagt Lambds Birth day.  
3 6
Clear. I was Calld back to visit the patient, administred a Clister and performed other Services and left her in hopes of her recovery. I Calld at mr James Moores, Colo Duttuns and Son Pollards. arivd at home before night, find mrs Duttun here who has washt all my lower rooms in my absence which I lake very kind. at Ditoes, Colo Duttuns & Son Pollards.  
4 7
Clear. mrs Duttun went home this foren. I went to my sons, find Wilm & Sally very unwell. I returnd, prepared my Self and went to Lecture; a mr Abbott performd. I Calld at mr Andrusis as I came home & at my Sons. the Childn Seeme Some more Comfortable. my Son Ephm is not well. at my Sons, at Lecture & at mr Andruses.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.