Martha Ballard's Diary, August 8 - 16, 1802

8 1
Clear. I tarried at home, very unwell. Cyrus did not go to meeting. Jona, his wife and 2 Childn here foren. Son & Dagt Lambd and 2 Childn here after meeting. a mr Boardwell and Dolly Farewell took Tea with us. at [home], very unwell.  
9 2
Clear. I have been at home, feel some better. at home.  
10 3
Clear. I did my work and went to visit a Sick Child of mr Saunderss. at mr Saunderss
11 4
Clear. Son Jona began his haying, I did part of my washing. mr Ballard took his OXen to mr Benn Pages to pasture. at home.  
12 5
Cloudy part of the day. I have washt 13 Sheets and other things but how unable I am not able to Express. at home.  
13 6
Clear. I have been going on with my washing. I wrote a line to Bror Jona by mr Edson, and Sent it to mr Andruss. at home.  
14 7
Clear. I finisht my washing and ironing. Dagt Ballard Came and mended some hoes for my husband & Sons. I feel very much fatagued with the which I have Performed in ye Coars of this weak. at home.  
15 1
Clear and warm. I have worried thro the business of this day. Dagt Ballard Came and assisted to Cook Supper. her famely (Except Le faett who is gone to his uncle Savages) partook with us, mrs Pierce here allso. we had Squash, the first we have had this [Summer]. at home, my famely all to meeting.  
16 2
Clear. mr Ballard on the Colleclion business. I have Cleand my Buttery. Jona and Ephm Ballard helpt me picking Chips, & Son Ephm & Saml Trask went to mr Pettngails [to wk.] at home. Hannah Ballad is [unwell].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.