Martha Ballard's Diary, July 12 - 17, 1802

12 2
Clear. I have been unwell foren, More Comfortable aftern. mrss Andrews Spent aftern with me. Shee left here at dusk, had not been gone but little time when I was Siesd with the pain in my stomach. my famely were up with me the most of the night. at home. mrss Andrus here. I [was] very [ill] all [night].  
13 3
Clear. I am very feeble. Dagt Ballard here to attend me. Mr Ballard finisht ploughing his Corn and Sett out for new Milford to Survey for mr Vaughn. my pain returnd at night. my sons and Pheebe Church were up with me the most of the night. I was very ill. at home, very Sick at night.  
14 4
Clear. I have been very feeble ys Day. Dagt Ballard here foren and again near night. mrss Gill & Dagt Lambd to See me. blessed be ye father of all our Mercies, I have been free from pain this day and night. I eat Curant Saus with Tea about 2 hours before Sun Sett, and in 3 hours it found its way thro me and I find relief. at home. mrs Gill, Dagts Lambd, Ballard and mrs Saunders here.  
15 5
Clear. I have been more Comfortable, have wed 4 beds and Sett 40 Cabage Plants in my gardin; have finisht Cuting out mr Ballards and Cyruss Shirts. at home.  
16 6
Clear. I have been very ill this aftern. Sally Tole Slept here. at home.  
17 7
Clear. I have been very ill, Sent for Doct Cony. he left me Some Lavender & Rhubb. Dagt Ballard Came to see me. Phebe went home. Jona and wife and Babe here all night. I got Some rest but Swet all night. at home, very ill. Jona an wife [stayd] here ys night.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.