Martha Ballard's Diary, July 8 - 11, 1802

8 5
Clear. I have done my hous work & houghd in my gardin. was Calld at 3h pm to go and See my Dagt Lambard who I find very feeble. Doct Coney has given her an Emetic. I find Sist Barton with her and Betsy Kumbal with her as help to do her work. I larried all night. Son Ephm Slept there this night. at Son Lambds, his wife is Sick. Sist Barton there.  
9 6
rainy forenn. I am with my dagt Lambd. Shee is so much better that Shee has partly made a goun for Sister Barton. mrss Gill Came there. I left there at 3h pm and went to Lecter, mr Stone performd. I met mr Caton at mr Pittss Store where he paid me 9/ for assisting his wife in Labour may 18th. I allso receivd 9/ of Luis Hamlin for assisting Peggy Whealor in like Circumstances the 18th of Feby last. mr Ballard, Cyrus & my Self took Tea at Son Jonas. I Calld at mr Towns, his wife is more Comfortable. at Ditoes, at Lecture, at Luis Hamlins, Towns and at mr Pittss Store. Son Town at mr Lambds, his Famely are well. Saml Trask is unwell.  
10 7
Clear part of the day. I have had the pain in my Stomach very Severe but did my hous work, Except Churning which Sally Tole did for me. I was so ill after Shee went home that for Some time it Seemd I must Expire Soon, but the author of all mercies was grant me relief for which I disire to prais his holy name. at home, have been very ill all day.  
11 1
Clear till near night when we had rain & haill. my famely all at meeting, the ordinance of ye Supper administred. I have great reason to bless God for this Opt of Commorateing the dying Lov of the Savior of Sinners, may my life be agreable to the mercies I receiv. at meeting, Communion day.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.