Martha Ballard's Diary, June 4 - 14, 1802

[4] 6
raind. I have ptanted Cucumbers & musk [melans]. at home.  
[5] 7
Clear. we planted Beens, Sowd oinions, Beets & parsnips. at home.  
[6] 1
Clear & pleast. I was at meeting & at mr Thwings, he is unwell. Dolly kimbal here for her Cloaths. at meeting.  
[7] 2
Clear. I have done work in my gardin. we planted our Corn. at home.  
[8] 3
rainy. I have been kniting, had a pain in [my] [Stomach]. at home.  
[9] 4
Clear. Dagt Pollard Came to see me, Dagt Lambd Came aftern. Son and Dagt Ballard Dind and took Tea with us. at home, had pain in my Stomach.  
[10] 5
Cloudy. Dagt Pollard Came from Son Lambards and we went to Jonas. at [ my Sone ]. 
[11] 6
A thunder Shower. it was this day we were at my Sons and had Showers. old mrs Butler Sleps here, Betsy Towl allso. at my sons.  
[12] 7
Clear and warm. I ptanted W mellons. had pain aftern, but went to mr Parkers to See his wife who was in Labour; her women Calld at Evng. at mr Parkers. Birth 7 th. 
[13] 1
X.[Birth mr Parkers Dagt]. X.
Clear. I returnd from mr Parkers, left her Cleverly. Shee was Deld of a daugt at 2h ys morn, her 4th Dagt [&] 8th Child. I had a Severe Pain in my Stomach and made use of Senna. heavy thunder at Evn. at Ditoes. Birth 7th. recd 6/ as a reward.  
[14] 2
Clear. mr Ballard gone to Survey for mr Pierce at Winslow. I have houghd Beens & peas and transptanted Cucumbers. Sally washt. Hannah Pollard Came here, Shee & H. Ballard to Tea here. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.