Martha Ballard's Diary, May 9 - 24, 1802

9 1
at Ketons.   
10 2
11 3
went to Son Pollards ys foren. at Ditoes & Son Pollards.  
12 4
rainy weather. at Ditoes.  
13 5
I have been at son Pollards till satterday night when   
14 6
Keton Calld [me].   
15 7
[at] Ditoes.
16 1
at Ketons, his wife got better and her women went home. at Ketons.  
17 2
Showery. I went to See Old mrs Tytor. mrs Keton had her women Calld again. at Ditoes & at mr Tylors.  
18 3
X. Bth Ketons 5th Dagt.
rainy. my Patient was Safe Deld at 3h ys morn of her 5th daught and 8th Child. I left her aftern and Came to Son Pollards but Could not proseed on acount of ye rain. at Ketons and Son Pollards. Birth 6th.  
19 4
rainy foren. I returnd home aftern. at Son Pollards
20 5
Cloudy. Cyrus Bulchered a Veal. I have workt in my Gardin all day. at home. mrs Peirce Sleeps here.  
21 6
Clear. I have been very unwell. we Cookt the head and harslit of the Veal. Jona, his wife [&] siStr, wm & Sally Dind with us. Dagt Ballard had an ill turn at Evng, Pukt up 6 larg worms. at home. my Childn here.  
22 7
rainy. I have Planted Sumer Squash, Sowd Early peas. at home.  
23 1
rainy. mr Ballard and Cyrus went to meeting. I have been at home, Cleard the drane in my Seller. Son Jona, his wife and part of yr Childn dind with us. at home. my Childn dind here.  
24 2
Cloudy. Dagt Lambd Came to See us, Jonan & wife and 2 youngest Childn Dind here. at home. part of my Childn Dind & took Tea here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.