Martha Ballard's Diary, March 1 - 13, 1802

1 2
Snowd. I have done all my washing. Betsy did ye hous work & helpt me wash ye Buttery & kitchen. Son Lambd here, his famely well. at home.  
2 3
Snowd & raind. we have put a Leach for Soap. Betsy washt the Nh room. Son Lambd here, and 3 of his Childn. at home.  
3 4
Sons Pollard, Lambd, Jona, mr Gill and their wives Came here on A visit. my own Dagts tarrie here all night, mr Gill & his wife at my sons. Son Pollard at mr Lambds. we made a kettle of Soap []. at home. my Childn all here. I had the Collic.  
4 5
Cloudy, Snowd at Evng. mr Ballard, my Self and Childn, Except Cyrus, Dind at Son Jonas. he has Seen 39 years ys day. at my Sons, had ye Collic pain again.  
5 6
Clear and Cooler. Son Ephm Sett out to wait on his Sisters & Jon as wife to Son Towns. I have been at home, finisht makeing a Barril of Soap, have had a turn of ye Collic. at home. Ephm went to Son Towns.  
6 7
Snowd & raind. I have been about Soap works, feel fatagued. I have had the Collic pa in. at home.  
7 1
Cloudy, Cold & windy. mr Ballard & Cyrus went to meeting. I have felt the Collic again ys Day. Hitty Pierce, Hannah, Sally & Ephm Dind here. my Childn returnd from Son Towns, all well there Except Lucy, who is very low. Jona and wife Came here after Shee Came home. I have had ye Collic pain ys day. at home. my Childn returnd from Winslow.  
8 2
raind. I have been at home about my Soap. at home.  
9 3
Clear. I have been at home makeing Soap. at home.  
10 4
Snowd. Betsy Church went to mr Wm Pitts. I finisht my Soap, feel very unfit to do my work. at home.  
11 5
Clear. I washt ye N room and did my olher wk. at home.  
12 6
Cloudy & some Snow. I have been very unwell. mrs Farewell Calld here. I had a very Sick night, was Put in bed by my husband & Cyrus and Lay in my Cloaths. at home, very Sick at night.  
13 7
Cloudy & Snowd. Dagt Ballard Came and got me Some breakfast. I feel very feeble. mrs Pattin Came to See me, informd me mrs Cain was dead. at home, feeble. Dagt Bald & mrs Pattin here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.