Martha Ballard's Diary, February 18 - 28, 1802

18 5
X. Birth Pegy Whealors Dagt. X.
Cloudy & windy. I was Calld at 4h morn to See Peggy Whealor, Shee was Deld of a Dagt at 9 which Shee declared [ ] Gates was the Father of. I came home at 12 O Clock, tried the lard. A mr Meril of N. Gloster, his wife, Robd Forbes and Fanny Sleep here. his marm made me a prest of a pair of mitts. at Saunders. Case 3d. receivd 9/ ofL. Hamlin. had Compy.  
19 6
Clear. mr Meril and his Company left here after Breakfast. I have helpt do my hous work. we washt the floors. Dagt Ballard Came in to See me. I have felt quite unwell ys aftern. at home. Dagt Balld here.  
20 7
Cloudy. I have been at home, have Seen 67 years this day. O how many visicitudes have I pased thro; may I make a wise improvment of all. mr Eliab Lyon & wife Calld here. Friend Echobad Pitts dind with us. Dagt Ballard Calld here going to mr Butlers. at home. mr Lyon & wife here.  
21 1
Cloudy. I am unwell but was Calld to See Dagt Lambd who is very unwell. at son Lambds.  
22 2
Cloudy morn. Sons Lambd & Pollard Sett out for Bath, a Severs storm of Snow. at Ditoes. my Dagt very Sick.  
23 3
Cloudy & very windy. my Dagt very ill, her throat very Soar. I bathed it and Put on Flanel. at Ditoes. my Dagt no better.  
24 4
Clear. my Dagt is more Comfortable. I tarried with her this day allso. at Ditoes. my Dagt is better.  
25 5
Snowd. my sons returnd fm Bath and I returnd home, feel falagued. left my Dagt Cleverly to what Shee was. at Ditoes. my sons returnd.  
26 6
Snowd. I have been at home. Son Lambd & Ezra Town here. Lucy is no better. at home. Ezra Town here.  
27 7
Birth Nathan Tylors Son.
Cloudy & some Snow. we made my Sausages. I was Calld to See Nathan Tylors wife, Shee was Deld at 8h Evn of her 6th Son & 10th Child. I tarrie all night. Hannah Bolton Expired at 3h pm. Dagt Pollard was gone to put on her grave Cloaths. at mr Tylers. Birth 4th. Death of Hannah Bolton.  
28 1
Snowd. I left mrs Tylor as well as Could be Expected. Calld at son Pollards, her Babe is not well. I arivd at home about noon. at Ditoes & Son Pollards. Hannat Bolton remains were interd.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.