Martha Ballard's Diary, January 20 - 28, 1802

20 4
Clear, pleast forenn, Cloudy aftn. mr Ballard gone to parish meeting. Cyrus & Ephm down to ye settlement. Patty did hous wk & spun some. Dolly pikt Chips. I have knitt & pikt wool. at home.  
21 5
Snowd & raind. I have been kniting, Patty washt. at home.  
22 6
Clear. I have been kniting. Patty Bakt, & twisted yn. there have a number of Sleighs paSst us ys day. at home. there was More Snow fell than we have had this winter before.  
23 7
Snowd. mr Ballard went to the Settlement. I have been Doubling yarn and kniting. I finisht ye 3d pair of Tow hoes. Saml Trask Came and Conducted Dolly Lambard home, Shee has been with me Since ye 14th inst. at home. Dolly went home.  
24 1
Clear and Cold. my famely, all Except my Self, attended worship at the meeting hous foren. I went aftern; Dagt Ballard all day. Jona, his wife, Ephm & Patty to Son Lambds at Evng. mr Gill and wife are gone to winslow ys day. the North Parish worshipt in the new Coart house. Jotham Sewall performd. at meeting & all my famely. mr Gill is gone to Son Towns.  
25 2
Clear and Cold. I have been at home. Dagt Ballard here to spin on my wheal. all her Childn Except Jack, he is gone to Bellgrade. at home. Dagt Ballard here.  
26 3
Clear and not so Cold. I have washt my wollin Cloathss & part of ye Lining. Patty did ye hous work, washt a part of ye lining. at home, washt.  
27 4
Cloudy, raind some. I have began a Pair of mens hoes and helpt do hous work. mr Austn brot Corn for us. at home. let mrs Cypher have /3/.  
28 5
Clear and very pleast morn. Cousin Saml Davis from Penobscott Came here, tarries all night. Pally is gone to mr Gills. at home. Saml Davis Sleeps here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.