Martha Ballard's Diary, December 19 - 29, 1801

19 7
Clear. this is the Anniversary of my Mariage, 47 years. I have been at home kniting mitts. at home. it is 47 years [Since] my Mariag.  
20 1
Clear. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting, Jon as wife, Pally & Ephm to North Parrish to hear Comft Smith. Anty Bracket told his Expearence. at home, feel unwell.  
21 2
Clear part of ye day. I have been at home, knit part of a mit for Little Ephm, a pair for Wilm and 1 for Thos Lambd. at home.  
22 3
Clear part of ye day. mr Ballard run the line between Sidney & Agusta. I have been at home, finisht Tommys mitts. Patty washt. at home.  
23 4
a very rainy day. I have been mending hoes. at home.  
24 5
Cloudy the most of ye day. I have been at home mending hoes. mr Ballard down in ye Settlement. I was informd that mr Abbotts Store, and all the goods therein, were ConSumed by fire the night past. at home. mrs Cypher dind here.  
25 6
Clear and Pleast. Ephm & Patty kept Christmas at Son Lambards, his partnr. Polly Farewell hers. Cyrus [Tolle]. at home. mrs Wiman of winslow Expired.  
26 7
Clear. mr Ballard is Confind with a Lamb hand. I have been at home mending hoes & Shirts. Son & Dagt Ballard & mrs Pierce Supt here. we are informd that mrs Wiman of winslow Expired last night. Son Town Came to bring the tidings. at home, had Compy.  
27 1
A very rainy day. Ephm only went to meeting. mr Ballards hand very lambe. at home.  
28 2
Clear, pleast morn, Cloudy before night. we made Sausages and I knit Some. Jonas wife Supt. at home.  
29 3
Cloudy and Cold. I have knit, but am very unwell. mrs Wimans remains are interd this day. may those who are nearly Concerned make a sanctifyed improvment of the dispensation of Providence and may we all learn to be allso ready. Old mr Gill here. at home, had a Severe head aick at night. Funeral of mrs Wiman at winslow.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.