Martha Ballard's Diary, November 8 - 16, 1801

8 1
Cloudy morn. mr Ballard, Pally & Cyrus to meeting at the meeting hous. mr Parker Performd. mr Gill, Lambd & Ephm and Dagt Ballard to ye uper Parish. mr Cibby perfmd. I was Calld to See the wife of John Chamberlin at 2h pm, her women Calld at 9h Evn. Shee lingured till after midnight. at John Chambrlns
9 2
Birth John Chamberlins Son.
Clear. my patients illness Came on and Shee was safe deld at 3h 30m morn of a son, 7th Child by her last mariage. I left them Cleverly and arivd at home at 10h, took some refreshment. at Ditoes. Birth 18/th.  
10 3
Clear part of the day. the men Bankt our hous. I washt the most of the Cloaths out of the first water and Part of them in ye second, & washt the dishes after Breakft & Diner; feel fatagued and was on ye bed aftern. at home. Allin Lambd here ys day.  
11 4
Snowd & raind. mr Ballard Collecting Taxes. mrs Chamberlin Calld here foren. I have Cut some Apples. at home. mrss Chamberlin here.  
12 5
raind and Snowd. I have been mending a waisl coat for mr Ballard. revd mr Stone was here, mr Ballard paid him 27 Dolrs & 20 Cents which he had Collected. we Bakt mins Pies. at home. mr Stone here.  
13 6
Clear. I have mended a pair Trousers, Cut Coverlid raggs and sewed ym and Cut flocks. mr Ballard and Cyrus got some wood. at home mending Cloaths.  
14 7
Clear. I have been mending mr Ballards Cloaths. mrss Edson here. at home.  
15 1
Clear and pleast. mr Ballard & I at meeting. we went to Son Lambards at intermition. Ephm attended aftern. Cyrus went to son Pollards. at meeting. Text in Numb 23 C 10 V, Corinth 16 C 13 vers. [                ]  
16 2
Cloudy and rain. mr Ballard Sett out for to do Surveying for mr Vaughn at Fair field. Patty to wido Farewells to quilting. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.