Martha Ballard's Diary, October 25 - 31, 1801

25 1
Clear and very pleast. mr Ballard to meeting, Jona & Ephm to N parrish. mr Lambd here. Cyrus returnd, Pally Town Came with him. informs yt Lucy is very unwell. Dagt Ballard here aftern. Doct Cony Calld here. I have been very feeble. Hitty Pierce left me this morn. at home. [     ] feeble. mrs [Pierce] left me. we [paid] her [1/6]. Patty Town Came here.  
26 2
Cloudy and misty. Son Jon a & Wm Cypher hauld Stones for the well. mr Ballard been to pay Taxes to ye Treasurer. I have been very feeble all ys day. Dagt Ballard in to See [  ], Allin Lambd allso. at home, very feeble.  
27 3
Clear and very pleast. I wrode as far as mr Parkers by way of ye new roade. mr Ballard Sett out to Survey with mr Josh F. Davis. Dagt Lambd Came here with Allin & Barna. Dagt Ballard & Hitty Pierce and Son Lambd to Tea. I did not rest very well ye night. at home. Some of my Childn here. mr Ballard Sett out for Boudinham.  
28 4
Clear. I have been so well as to do some work. Revd mr Stone Dind here. mrss Wickson, Welch & Cyphers Calld in. at home. Revd mr Stone to See me.  
29 5
Clear. I wrode down to See mrss Crage, find her more Comfortable. I went to See mrss Black, find her very unwell. at mr Craggs & Blacks.  
30 6
Clear. I went to see mrss Black, find her more Comfortable. I attended the preparetory Lecter, felt Some fatagued when I returnd. Jason Pierces wife Dind here. our men brot in ye Beats at Evng. at mr Blacks and at Lecture. mrs Crage wrode to mr Lawsons.  
31 7
Clear. I helpt do ye hous work which Caused me to have a very ill turn at night. Son & Dagt Pollard Calld here, they were going to See mrss Black. at home, have not been so well.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.