Martha Ballard's Diary, September 6 - 15, 1801

6 1
Clear. mr Ballard went to meeting, it is Communion day. I have been very unwell indead and no one to help me. Jona & Ephm went to Son Pollards. at home, very unwell.  
7 2
Clear. I have been at home, am more Comfortable. my husband been makeing a fence by his Corn. I washt the kitchen floor and gathered Beens. at home.  
8 3
Cloudy part of the day. mr Ballard is gone to Survey for Benn Brown Junr. I have been at home, unwell, but harvisted Some Beens. mrs Farewell and Dagt Ballard took Tea here. Edwd Springers youngest Child interd. I lost Bd ys day. at home. Edwd Springers Childs Funeral. Son Lambd relurnd.  
9 4
Cloudy foren. mr Ballard returnd at 2h pm. mrs Farewell Came to See me. I have felt faint ys aftn. at home.  
10 5
Cloudy and raind some. mrs Welch washt & Bakt for me. I have been very feeble all day. at home. mrs Welch helpt me.  
11 6
Clear. I have been at home very unwell. my son Cyrus has seen 45 years this day. at home. Cyruss Birth day, 45 [years].  
12 7
Clear. I have been very unwell indead, had an ague fitt ys morn. my husband got Hitty Hatch to Come and help me. I had a Call to go to amos Braleys but was not able. at home. Hitty Hatch Came here to work.  
13 1
Clear. mr Ballard went to meeting. I have been at home very unwell. Jason Peirce & wife, Jona & his Childn here. Son Ephm went to Sidney. at home. mr Pierce & wife here.  
14 2
Clear. I am very weak and low but have gathered in part of my Beans. I had a night Swet last night. [I] expect I am fast on a decline. at home. Doct Barton here.  
15 3
Cloudy. mr Ballard Sett out for Bodinhm. my Childn here. Hitty Pierce & mrs [Reton] here. I have felt a little more Comfortable for which wish to be thankfull. at home. my Childn, Cyrus & Ephm to muster.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.