Martha Ballard's Diary, August 27 - September 1, 1801

27 5
Clear. mr Ballard is gone to Show the Taxes. I have been very unwell, Sally Cypher helping do my work. mr Waid and Amos Pollard took Breakfast here, the Latter has been diging our well. a mr Abbott here on business with mr Ballard. at home.  
28 6
Clear. mr Waid & Pollard here part of ye foren. Capt Stones wife, Dagt Ballard & mrs Saunders here, Doct Barton allso. I have Sufered much this day with my infirmety. at home. mrs Stone Visited me.  
29 7
Cloudy and a very heavy Shower. mr Ballard Surveying for EbenZ Church and mr Rollands. I have done Some work in my gardin and part of my hous work. I Churnd. mr Fletcher driling & Blowing in our well. at home. mr Fletcher workt here part of ye day.  
30 1
Clear. I have been at home, my husband and Ephm at meeting. at home.  
31 2
Clear. I have been at home, feel very unwell. Sally Cypher Came here again. at home.  
1 3
Clear. I have not been able to Sett on a Chair this day by reason of my infirmaty. I Swept my Chambers, lower rooms and Seller, then left home to be free from work. walkt down to mr Moodys, there rested a little and went on to Bror Bartons. Laid down on ye Bed a little while, then Sister and I went to Shuball Pitss. I tarrie there all night. mrss Soals inft had an ill turn in the Evng, we all went in to See it. at Leut Pittss all night. this is Son Lambds Birth day, agd [sic].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.