Martha Ballard's Diary, July 12 - 18, 1801

12 1
Clear and warm. mr Ballard only of my famely went to meeting. we had, to dine; Sons Pollard, Lambd, my own Sons, Dagts Pollard & Ballard, Jason Pierce & wife, 10 Grand Childn and Dolly Kymbal. I am informd that Son Lambds inft is much better, his wife feels more sencible of her hurt than Shee did yesterday. At home, part of my Childn here.  
13 2
Clear and Cloudy alternately. Sally went to Burtuns and got her A patron for a goun. I have felt very feeble but have done part of my work. Sally has been washing. at home. mrs Peirce & Dagt Ballard here. S. Juet foster paid me 10/10.  
14 3
Clear till near night when we had a Shower. Sally Selvester left me. I feel very unfit to do without help. mrs Dingley Came to see me aftern. Shee made me a prest of A qt Spirit and Some hyson Tea. Caty Pitt, Nabby Page, Polly Cowen & Lucy Stone Calld in when the Shower. at home. mrs Dingly here. Sally left me, we paid her all her wages.  
15 4
Clear and very warm. Cyrus went to take the hors home that Sally wrode. I have been at home, done my work; feel very unwell. I went to See Jonas Son Ephm who is unwell. mrs Pierce Calld here aftern. at my Sons. Ephm is unwell.  
16 5
Clear foren, rain with thunder aftern. I have been very unwell ys day but have my work to do. mrs Farewell Calld here. Capt Sanford here on Business. at home. Bror Barton Calld here.  
17 6
Clear and not so warm. I feel more Comfortable, have done my hous work. mrss Livermore, Pickford & Dagt Ballard here to Tea. at home.  
18 7
Clear. I have done my work, houghd part of my Cabages. Hitty, Sally, Betsy Pierce & Hannah Ballard here to Tea. At home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.