Martha Ballard's Diary, May 23 - June 8, 1801

23 7
Clear. mr Ballard been makeing plan & returns and went to EsQr Brookss. Cyrus driveing teem at his Brors, Ephm been down Streat. I have made me a Loos goun and done some hous work. my Nepheu EbenZr Moore Sleeps here. Sally has been washing &C. at home.  
24 1
Clear. I went to meeting and was Calld out by mr Cottle to go and see his wife who aprehended her Self near the hour of Labour. I found mrss Tyler with her. at the meeting hous and at mr Cottles.  
4 5
X. Birth mr Cottles 15 Child and 6th Son. XX.
Clear. mrss Cottle was Safe Deld at 11h morn of her 15th Child & 6th Son. I left her Comfortable and returnd home. I Calld at Son Lambards, find my Dagt very unwell. [Dagt] Pollard was with her. mrs Chamberlain Calld me in to See her Child which Seems very low. I have spent from may 24th till this day at mr Cottles. I find my hous in desent order at my arival and that my famely are all well. at mr Cottles. Birth 12th. recd 1 BuslCorn, _do rie, 1 Crown. Wilm HewenExpired.  
5 6
Clear. rainy. Son Lambd Came with News yt his wife was very ill, Sally went to Nurs her. I have spent the day alone, feel Gloomy. Son & Dagt Town Came here at Evng. I feel very much falagued indeed. Ezra Sleeps here allso. mr Cottle Calld and left me _ Bsl Corn, Says his wife is Comfortable. at home, my friends here at Evn.  
6 7
Clear. mrs Town spent part of the day here and part at Son Jon as. my Dagt, Shee, her husband, mrss Dingley, mrss Stackpole here to Tea. I have made a Chees. at home. mr Hewen interd.  
7 1
Clear and a frost this morn. mr Ballard, Ephm, Son Town & his wife went to Meeting. Cyrus went to see his Sist Lambd after meeting. EbenZ Moore Dind here, Son Jona, his wife & 2 Childn allso. at home. Lidia Nud here at Evn.  
8 2
Clear. I have been at home, Done my hous work and houghd in my Gardin. Sally Came back from Lambds, left my dagt better. I Sowed Peas. at home. Cyrus brot Sally here again.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.