Martha Ballard's Diary, April 15 - 22, 1801

15 4
Clear and Cool. mr Edson took my Sons Cow from the Barn this morn. mrs Saunders took Coffee with us this aftern. Son Jona, his wife & Hitty are gone down into the Settlement. at home.  
16 5
Clear and not So Cold. mr Ballard gone to Varsalboro to Survey land for Doct Colman. I have workt very hard in my Gardin and feel very much fatagud. Cyrus has helpt me. I Sett out Goosbery Bushes and Currents. Dagt Ballard and Hitty have been to visit mrss Saunders. at home, workt in my Gardin all day.  
17 6
Birth Son Lambards 3d Son.
Clear and Cool. I was Calld at 3h morn by Son Lambard to go and See his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Safe deld at 5 of her 3d Son and 4 Child, and is as well as Could be Expected. Son Jona and his wife Calld there. at Son Lambds. Birth 10th.  
18 7
Clear and Cold. I was at Son Lambds, my Dagt So well as to be helpt up and Sett at table and take breakfast with us. Daughts Pollard & Ballard there aftern. Son Jona Sleeps there, his wife went to her Bror Gitchels. at Ditoes.  
19 1
Clear and not So Cold. Dagt Pollard, her husband and Childn were at Son Lambards. I left them after Sun Sett and reacht home before 9. at Ditoes.  
20 2
Clear and Cool. I have workt very hard in my gardin and feel much fatagud. at home.  
21 3
Clear and not So Cool. I have workt in the gardin the most of this day. at home.  
22 4
Clear. I have workt in my Gardin, Sowd Peas. mr Ballard went to Hallowell, Cyrus to Son Lambard s; they are Cleverly there. he Conducted Jonas wife home. mrs Welch been here to Swingle her flax, her Childn with her. at home, I Sowd Peas.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.