Martha Ballard's Diary, February 24 - March 6, 1801

[24] [3]
Clear. I was at son Pollards, my Dagt very poorly. at Son Pollds
[25] [4]
Cloudy. at Ditoes. my Dagt very ill, ye Doct sent for. at Ditoes.  
[26] 5
Clear and very Pleast. Doct Colman Came and opened my Dagts Breast, Shee is Easier. the Doct Conducted me home. I then went to Son Jonas, his infant very sick. we gave it medisin which gave relief. my son returnd from winslow and I Came home late at Evn. son Towns famely are well. Nabby hail marrid ys Evng. at Ditoes. my Dagts Breast opend. was at Jonas allso  
[27] 6
Clear and warm. I went to Shubal Pittss, find his Dagt very ill. I Calld at mr Thwings, mrs Kider there. I Calld at my sons, his Babe is better. at mr Pittss, Thwings & Son Jonas.  
[28] 7
Clear and Pleast. I have Brewd & Bakt. Betsy gone to See her Sist Polly who is Sick. wido Farewell dind here. at home.  
[1] 1
Clear. I was Calld to See mr Dingleys inft, it is very Sick. I Spent ye night with them. at mr Dingleys.  
[2] 2
rainy. I have spent ys day with mr Dingley. A mrs Wiman from Goshan there. the Child very ill, we gave it Senna which brot of much fleghm. it Seems more Comfortable this night. at Ditoes.  
[3] 3
Clear and pleast. I left the Child some Easier and Came home at 10h morn. Son and Dt Lambd here, they have been to mr Capins. Daniel Piper of No 2 was here. mr Ballard deld a plan of his Survey there and Some Sartificates to Carrie to the Setlers, and one Plan for D. Levermore Esqr. at Ditoes. Son & Dagt Lambard here.  
[4] 4
Clear. Betsy washt the rooms. Rufas Ballard and wife Dind here. I Churnd, had 4_ lb butter. Betsys Bror Wm dind here. I was Calld at 11h Evn to go and See the wife of Shubal Pitts. at Leut Sbl Pittss. there was a Ball at mr Pittss
[5] 5
X. [Birth Shubal Pittss 1st Son. X.]
Clear and Pleast, mrss Pitts was Safe Deld at 1h 50m ys morn of her first Son & 3d Child, it wd 11 lb. I tarried till after noon. my Compy were Old Lady Cox, Pitts, Sister Barton, Moody, Soal & Witherel. at Ditoes. Birth 5th. recd 10/.  
[6] 6
Clear. I have been at home, Betsy to her Grand fathers. Doct Barton Supt, Bror Ebenz here. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.