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November 13 - 23, 1800
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[13] 5


Snowd and raind. Jona had 2 OXen Butcherd. I have been at home. mrs Herington here. at home.
[14] 6


Cloudy and Cold. I have been at home, Sorted my apples, paired and Cut the ones that were roting. mr Ballard makeing a hogg pen. at home.
15 7


Clear and Cold. I have put my pickels into the Seller. mr Ballard Surveying at winthrop for mr Smith. at home.
16 1


Clear and Cool. mr Ballard to meeting. Son Ephm here. Dagt Lambd Sent us a piece fresh Pork, Son Jona us a Legg Pork and head and hart of a Beef. I have been at home. Betsy Cowen Came back to Jonas. at home. received presents from Jona and Son Lambd.
17 2


Clear foren, raind and haild at Evng. mrs Herington washt for me, Shee had her Child with her. Dagt Ballard here aftern, mrs Edson allso. I have finished kniting a pair worsted hoes for mr Ballard. he has been Surveying for mr Weston. at home. Dagt Ballard here.
18 3


A rainy day. Cyrus went to son Lambds and brought 3 Bushls Corn home. Jane Pickt wool and went home at night. I have done my house wk and began a Stockin. mr Ballard been at home. A mr Dogett Came to request his Service in Surveying some Lotts at N2. at home.
19 4


Clear and windy. Wilm Cypher Came here to work, he has been whealing dirt to Bank the house. mr Ballard puting the boards up, Cyrus went to Hallowell. I have been at home takeing Care of my Cloaths which were washt, and doing my housework; feel fatagued. at home. was invited to quilting to mr Andruses but Could not go.
20 5


Cloudy, Snowd before night. Ely Andrus Shod OXen here, ours and Son Jon as. Phillip Bullin Sleeps here on his return from Surveying up the river. I have been at home, have had Symtoms of the Collic. mrs Farewell Calld here. at home. Philp Bullin Sleeps here. we finisht Banking ye hous.
21 6


Snowd fast ys morn, haild at 11 Oclock, raind very fast aftern and Evn. I have done my ironing and hous work. Son Jona Dind here. mr Scribner here. the wind very hard at N E at 10 Evn. at home. we Put up 3 swine to fattne.
22 7


Clear and not very Cold. Sons Pollard and Ephm Supt here. I have Bakt and done my other hous work. mr Ballard been to the Settlement on business. at home. Sons Pollard and Ephm here, informs me Lambd is unwell.
23 1

Bth mr Thwings Dagt.

Snowd. mr Ballard to meeting, Cyrus to mr Lambds. I was Calld to See mrs Thwing who was Deld of a Daugt before I reacht there. mrss Norton Principle Performer. at mr Thwings. Birth 27th. recd 6/ as a rewd.
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November 13 - 23, 1800
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