Martha Ballard's Diary, September 28 - October 5, 1800

28 1
rainy. mrs Cowen not so well, Sent for mrs Welman & her Sist Savage. at Cowens.  
29 2
Clear and Cloudy by turns. I was at Cowens and Colo Duttin dind & took Tea there. at Ditoes & Colo Dutns  
30 3
Some Showers. mrs Cowen more unwell. mrss Seekin and Welman were Calld. I got but little Sleep this night. at Cowens.  
1 4
Birth Ephm Cowens 4th Dagt.
Clear. my Patient had mrss Duttun, Moore and Gould Calld and was safe Deld at 0h 30m Evng of her 5 Child and 4th dagt. I left her and infant Cleverly and arivd at home at 6h. Dagt Ballard Supt with us. mr Ballad is not returnd. I hope he is well. at Cowens. Birth 24th.  
2 5
Cloudy and a little rain. I have workt in my Gardin diging potatoes and gathering the last of my Beans that greu the vein. mr Ballard returned from wiscasett at about noon. Capt Falinsby has made him a present of a black waist coat. my husband and I Supt at Son Jonas. my Dagt Ballard dined with us. at my Son Jonas at Evng. mr Ballard with me.  
3 6
Cloudy & Clear by turns. I have Scolt my Pickles and done Some other matters, do not feel so well as I Could wish. Dagt Ballard been to Colo Howards. Shee informs me Shubl Pillss youngest Child Expired about Sun Sett. I feel for them in their affliction, may it be Sanctified to them and to us all. at home.  
4 7
Clear and pleasant. I have been working in my Gardin diging potatoes &C. Old mr Chamberlin Supt with us. mr Ballard went to Esqr Haywoods at winthrop to borrow money but did not Sucseed, he went on Son Jonas acount. at home. Son Jon a returned from Jaill.  
5 1
Clear and very pleasant. I attended worship aftern, a mr Moody performd. thee remains of Shubal Pittss youngest Child were interd after Service. at meeting. funeral of Shubal Pittss Child, AE 1 year 9m and 1 day.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.