Martha Ballard's Diary, September 14 - 20, 1800

14 1
I left mr Andruss famely very ill. mrss Pain there. I Calld at mr Brownns, one of his Sons very ill. I was Calld after meeting to See mrss Guild at Hallowell. tarried all night, the Patient is in much pain. at Andruss, Brownns & mrss Guils.  
15 2
Clear and Cool. I left mrss Guild an hour by Sun, returnd home. mr Ballard is gone to Sidny. I went to mr Andruss, found them very Distressed. helpt remove Nabby. we put her Bed out and I made her as Clean as I Could and tended her till Evn, when I left. mrss Cowen, Ingerham & Cypher to watch.. at mrss Guilds & Andruss and Brownns.Son and Dagt Pollard Sleep here.  
16 3
Clear. I was Calld at 6h morn to go and assist to Put Nabby Andrus in her grave Cloaths. Doct Cony Dissected her, found her Comptaint was in the Uterus, it Contained 1 galn water together with other Substance. the wt of it after the water was taken out was 7 lb. the Liver wd 3_ lb. the trunk of her Boddy Contained a larg quantity of water. the frost killd my Vines this night. at mr Andruss. his Dagt Nabby Expired at 6h this morn.  
17 4
Clear. Dagt Pollard Dind with us. mr Ballard, my Self, Cyrus and Son Jonas famely and Dagt Pollard attended funeral of Nabby Andrus. Revd mr Gillit Presided or Performd Prayers. Thomas Fletcher Expired last Evn his very Sudinly. at the funeral of Nabby Andrus. Doct Barton & Sister Sleep here ys night.  
18 5
funeral mr Yeatons Dagt.
Clear. Doct Barton & Sister Sett out from here to go to OXford. I went to See mr Andruss famely, they all Seem more Comfortable Except Betsy, who remains weak yet. I Calld at mr Brownens, his Child is Better. the remains of Thoms Fletcher intered this aftern. mr Ballard and I Dined at son Jon as; his Father and he Sett fire to the Bushes which have been Cutt on our land this Sumer. mrs Baxter Sleeps here. at mr Andruss, Brownens & son Jonas. Doct Barton & wife left here for OXford. funeral of Thos Fletcher.  
19 6
Clear. I have been at home. mrss Baxter went from here aftern. Death off Lyons Child. at home.  
20 7
Cloudy, raind at night. we finisht harvesting our apples.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.