Martha Ballard's Diary, July 10 - 19, 1800

10 5
Clear day, a Shower at night. I went to Son Jonas aftern. mr Ballard is not returnd. at my Sons.  
11 6
Clear and windy. I dug a small pice and Sett Some Cabage Plants. I gathered a milk pan full of String Beens. Son Jona, his wife, Hannah & Ephm partook of them. mr Ballard returnd from Pownalboro. at home. I had a milk Pan full String Beens frommy vines of ye Poland kind.  
12 7
Clear and warm. our men houghd Corn & got in 3 load of hay. I have helpt do hous work, went to Son Jonas and finisht a Short goun for my Self. Polly finisht [hers]. I gatherd String Beens. at Son Jonas.  
13 1
Clear. Sons Pollard, Lambd, Ephm and my two daughts here, a mr Mudgett, Gm Cocks, Pitts, Barker and their wives here allso. mr Ballard, Cyrus, Son & Dagt Lambd & Ephm went to meeting. we all Dind and took Tea at Son Jonas. at my Sons.  
14 2
Cloudy part of the day. Geny & Wm Black and Betsy Pollard took Tea here. mr Mudgett here on Business with mr Ballard. at home. Polly had Compy
15 3
Clear. Dagt Pollard, Rhoda and Hannah & Sally and Allin Lambd Came here, tarrie all night. I have been at home. at home. Dagt Balld here to Tea.  
16 4
Clear. my Sons Pollard & Lambd, their wives, Childn and Thos & Paul Lambd & Son Ephm Dind here. mrss Crosby and mrs Carpander Calld. Son & Dagt Lambd & his Brothers went to mr Capins. Son & Dagt Pollard and their Childn, Except Rhoda and Allin, went home. we Spent the aftern at my Sons, they had Company. at Son Jonas.  
17 5
Clear. mr Capin, his wife & Dagt Lambd and Bror Barton Dind and Sleep here, Except my Dagt who went home at Evn, his Bros with them. we Spint aftern at my Sons. Mrss Gill dind here. at my Sons.  
18 6
Clear and very warm. I have been at home. mr Capin, his wife, Doct Barton went from here. the mr Lambds Calld here. at home. mr Capin left here.  
19 7
Clear and very hot till aftern when it raind a little. mrss Bolton and her Son Dind here. Brother Barton, his wife & Brother Flint, Son Town and mr Diar Calld here. Brother B. and wife gone up to Sydna. I have been doing hous work, have had a hard pain in my Stomach all day. Dagt Ballard has had Company this day. mr Ballard & Cyrus got in a Load of hay. at home. Bror and Sist Barton & others Cald here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.