Martha Ballard's Diary, May 8 - 14, 1800

8 5
Clear rainy forenn. Dagts Lambd and Ballard Dind and took Tea with me. Son Lambd took Tea and Sett out for home with their Childn. I have been at home, Planted Some beens. at home, had Compy.  
9 6
Clear and Cold. Old Lady Hamlin, mrs Pitts and Dagt Ballard here to Tea. mr Carter waited on his marm Hamlin to and from here. at home. mrs Hamln & others here.  
10 7
Clear and Pleast. I have workt in my Gardin, Planted Beens, Sowd Cabbage, French Turnip, Pepper grass, Sage & Parsley. mr Ballard Sowd Parsnips. I do feel fatagued. Richd Foster Sleeps here. at home.  
11 1
Clear. mr Ballard, Cyrus & Ephm went to meeting. Sister Barton Sett out with her Son Foster to go to his house. [I] Cookt the head and harslett of a Veall which we killd yesterday. at home. Sister Barton went home withher Son Foster.  
12 2
Clear. I workt very hard in my Gardin, then had my Evning work to do by reason of Hepsys going to walk Streat with Lydia Nudd. I went to bed at 10. at home.  
13 3
Clear. I have had my house work to do and, wors than all my hard work, to bear frowns (from one who Calls him Self my friend) and taunts from Hepsy for takeing proper Care of my house, may God forgiv their Erer and enable me to perform the trust reposed in me as the head of a famely, as he Dictates to me is right. at home and O my Trouble.  
14 4
Clear. I have been So unwell that I Could not Sett up till 2 or 3 o Clock aftern, whin Jon as wife Came in and got water for me to bath my feet and made me a dish of Tea. I had not had So much as a drop of water given me to wet my mouth till my husband Came to dine, when he gave me a little which had been in the house 2 days. at home, very unwell. Hepsy left with out Saying Good by.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.