Martha Ballard's Diary, May 1 - 7, 1800

1 5
Clear. I have been at home, workt in my gardin; feel fatagued. at home.  
2 6
rainy. I kept house, my hands are so Soar with working in the gardin that I Could do no work butt Sort my beens. at home.  
3 7
Cloudy morn. I have been mooving dirt in my Gardin. mr Ballard and Son Jona Ploughd it this fore n. they then went to mr Spragues for hey. Hepsy went to See Huldy Hatch who is Sick at mr Mosiers, they think Shee is better. mr Dingly detr to Seeds 2/. Fredric Faught to 1 oz. Parsnip, and Dito Carrot Seed 2/. Old mrs Shaw to 1 oz Carrot, 1 do parsnips and Sundry other kinds 3/. at home. my Faught and Old mrs Shaw had Gardin Seeds.  
4 1
Clear and Cool. mr Ballard, my Self and Cyrus and Ephm attended worship. Jonas wife and Betsy Cowen took Tea here. I was at mr Blacks at intermition, his daught Dorkis has the mumps. Revd mr Stones Text forin was St John XIXC, 30V, aftern 11 Corinthns VII C, 2 vers. at meeting, it was Communion day.  
5 2
Clear. I have been at home, workt hard in my Gardin all day. mr woodward gave me polatoes to plant. Allin Lambd Came here, he walkt. at home. Allin Lambd Came here.  
6 3
Clear. mr Ballard Surveying for mr Benn Petingail. I have planted potatoes, Beens and Sowd Peas in my Gardin. my Sister Barton came here, informs our friends at the west were well when Shee left there, I recd a Letter fm Bror Elijah. mrs Pitts, Son and Dagt Ballard, mr Cypher and Betsy Cowen took Tea here. at home. Sister Barton Came here, Brot me a Letter from Brr Elijah. O ye Joy in [Seeing] & hearing fm my [dear] friends.  
7 4
Clear but Cool. my Daughters and Son Pollard attinding ym Came foren here to welcom their dear aunt. we visited Son Jon a aftern where Son Lambd joind us. may our meeting be for our good as I Can truly Say it is a Comfort to me. at Son Jon as. my Dagts here. mrs Crage [there], gave me Tea and [     ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.