Martha Ballard's Diary, March 27 - April 1, 1800

27 5
Clear and very Pleast. Son Lambd with his famely took breakfast with us, they are on their way to Sydna. Son Pollard was with them. may God be pleased to Bless them in all their Laufull under takeings. at home. Son Lambd removd his famely to Sydna to live. mrs Fletcher Expired this night.  
28 6
Clear and warm. I have been at home. mr Ballard had the Collic. mr Robd Fletcher [&] wife, Son Jona and his wife here at Evng. my husband is Easyer. at home. mr Ballard Sick. mr Fletcher & wife here.  
29 7
Cloudy. mr Ballard went to the Settlement below here. I have finisht a pair hoes for John Town. it is ye 17th pair I have knitt Since this year Commenced, have futed 1 pair, knit 2 pr Socks and 7 pr mitts. at home.  
30 1
Snowd this morn, held up at noon. mr Ballard went to meeting aftern. Son Jon a & wife, Hannah and William went to Son Pollards. thee remains of mrss Fletcher were intered after meeting. at home. Son Ephm has Seen 21 years ys day.  
31 2
Birth Joseph Browns 6th Dagt.
Cloudy and Clear. I was Calld at 4h 30 [morn] to go to Joseph Browns wife, arivd there at 6. Shee was Safe Deld at 8h 15m of her 6th Dagt. I tarried with her till 3h pm, arivd at home at 5. I left her and inft as well as Could be Expected. Shee had a Laborious illness but Blessed be God, it terminated in Safety. may Shee and I ascribe the prais to the the [sic] Great Parent of the universe. at Joseph Browns, Hallowel. Birth 9th. recd 6/.  
1 3
Clear and Pleast. Son Pollard brot his wife and Childn and Dagt Lambd & babe here, they Dind with us. we went to Son Jonas aftern. mr Lambd, Son Ephm, mr Gill, his wife, mr Trask and his wife, son Cyrus all took Tea there. I felt very unwell, had a Severe pain in my head. I was at Son Jonas. my Dagts were here to Dine.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.