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March 5 - 8, 1800
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Clear and Cold. the babe is very Sick indead. Cony Came, he proposed to put blister on the neck, he Cast very hard reflections on me without grounds, as I think. may a mercyfull God forgiv him. the Child fade away and gave up the ghost at 11h 55m Evn, with very little Struggle. mr Pollard brot all his Dagts there to See their dear lillle distrest brother. may God Teach us to take the visitation as duty Teacheth us. at Ditoes. the babe Expired at 11h 55m Evn with a frown in his Brow.
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Clear and very Cold. Dagt Ballard went home. Son Pollard, his wife and Childn, Son and Dagt Lambd and their inft, left Son Lambds at 4 O Clock Pm. Saml Trask wrode in the Sleigh in which the remains were deposited. there were a number of friends Came in to ConDole with my Childn which Seems Comfortable when in trouble. Son Jona brot me home. I feel fatagud. Son Jonas wife, mrs Pitts & mrss Bunker and my Self were togither at puting on the grave Cloaths. the Cofin was made by mr Gill, he put the remains therein. it lookt as pleast as whin in health and in Sweat Sleep. the Lord gave and he has recalld it to him Self, and may we be able to bless his holy name. at Ditoes. my Childn went home. the remains of this Child were Carrid allso.
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Clear and very Cold. we who were at home (my husband is absent and does not know our Sorrow) went to attend at the interment of Son Pollarss Child, his only Son. the revd mr Stone was invited and did attend. the interment was performed with Decency and we reacht home before Sun Sett. Hepsy went and watcht at mr Parkers with his oldest Dagt who is very Sick. as I am informd, Doct Cony givs it as his opinion, Shee must Soon Die. at Son Pollards. attended the interment of his only Son.
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Clear and Cold. I have Done part of my house work. Hepsy returnd from Parkers, informs that Sally is very Sick. mr Ballard returnd from runing the line between Varsalboro and Harlim, some what fatagud. Son Ephm here, Supt with his Father. at home. Ephm here at Evng.
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March 5 - 8, 1800
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