Martha Ballard's Diary, February 13 - 22, 1800

13 5
Clear but Cold. I went this morn to See Hannahs foot, find it Easier but Shee Cannot walk. I went aftern to See Esqr warrin, find him very low. I Calld at mr Millers, Herrimans and Dind at mr Burtuns. Came home before Sun Sett. at mr Blacks. find Esqr warrin very low.  
14 6
Clear, Cold morn. mr Ballard brot a Lamb in that was frosen in the feet and Ears. I have been at home kniting. Son Jona and his wife Spent Evng with us. Shee is weaning wilm. Silva Edson brot my worsted yn which Shee has Spun, 8 Double Skeins. shee had _ lb wool of me. Snowd all night. at home. Son Jon a & wife here.  
15 7
Snowd. I have been kniting, finisht a pair Small Stockins. began them at 4 O Clock am yesterday, have knitt two Pair this weak. at home. Death Esqt G. Warrin.  
16 1
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard, Son Jona and Jack went to meeting. at home.  
17 2
Clear. I have been at home, knitt a Stockin besides going 3 times to the Barn to take Care of a Sheep that was in distress. Shee brot 2 dead lambs. Jonas wife there with me. at home. Gray here makeing Shoes.  
18 3
Clear and very Pleast. mr Ballard, my Self, Cyrus, Jona, his wife and 2 oldest sons attended at the meeting house. heard prayers at the funeral of Georg Warrin Esqr. he was interd in the masonic mode, a Number of the Brithren of that Society were present. I Calld and visited mrss Crage foren. at mr Crages & at funeral of Esqr Warrin.  
19 4
Clear and very pleast. mr Ballard & Cyrus Giting wood. Son Jona, his wife & their Son Ephm are Gone to Belgrade. Le faett & Wilm Came and tarried with me. they returnd and Spent Evng with us; they went no farther yn Mr Pollards. at home.  
20 5
Clear and Pleast. I have been at home, knitt a pair of hoes for Wilm. Hepsy Binding Shoes. at home. Jonas wife here Twisting yn. I am this day 65 years Old.  
21 6
Clear and pleast. Jona, his wife and Asa Peirce are gone to mr Crosbys at Belgrade. Hannah Stayd with me. mr Ballard and James Gilly got wood. at home.  
22 7
this day, by recomendation of the President of the United States, was set apart to Commemorate the Death of Genl Georg Washington. we met at the meeting hous in Augusta where there were assembled the Lodg of Hallowell. Capt Casts Company of malitia and a larg concoarce of people. a prayer Deld by ye Revd mr Stone, an oration by mr Whitwell and a Closing prayer by mr Gillet. at the meeting house on the Death of GenlGeorg Washington, ye aniversary of his Death.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.