Martha Ballard's Diary, February 3 - 12, 1800

3 2
Clear and very Pleast. Son Town, Jona, mr Goodin and their wives Supt with us. mrs Pierce, Rhoda and Hannah, Le Faett and Saml Trask. I have been at home. at home, had Compy. Son Town & wife Sleep here.  
4 3
Snowd and raind. mr Ballard and my self and Cyrus, Son Town and his wife, Son Lambd and his wife Spent aftern and Evng at Son Jonas. Hitty and her Son Sleep here. at Son Jonas. Son Town & wife Sleep there.  
5 4
Cloudy and Some rain & Snow. mr Ballard, my Self, Son Jona & wife, Pollard, Lambd, Pitts, old mr Gill, and wives, visited. mr Gill, Revd mr Stone, Capt Haywood, Wm Thomas and Son Ephm there allso. the young ones Daunced. at mr Gills. Son Town went from here wh his wife.  
6 5
Snowd Some, Clear part of ye day. I have been at home. Sons Pollard and Jon a and their wives here. Hannah Ballard hurt her ankle, Rhoda went home with her Parents. at home. Some of my Childn here.  
7 6
Clear. I went to Son Jonas, Hannah is very Lame. went from there to See mrs Parker, find her very ill. put oinions to her feet and gave her a Decoction of mugwort and Feaverfue and Came back to my sons. find him Lame and Hannah very uneasy, tarried till 9h Evn and walkt home. at Son Jonas and mr Parker.  
8 7
Clear and pleast. I went and tarried with mrss Parker till Evn. Calld at my Sons, find them Some more Comfortable. at mr Parkers & Son Jonas.  
9 1
Clear and Cold. I was Calld by Wm Chamberlin to go to his Brother Johns wife. I find her unwell but not So ill as Shee might be. tarried there all night, Sufered with ye Cold. mr Pilsbury Expired this aftern at 4 O Clock. at John Chamberlins. Lambd & wife went past here at Evn.  
10 2
Birth John Chamberlins Dagt.
Clear but not So Cold. I have been at Chamberlins, his wife was Safe Deld at near midnight of a daughter. Old mrss Savage and her Son Jamess wife were Calld there. the Old Lady and my Self tarried till morn. at Chamberlins. Birth 7th
11 3
Clear. I Came home from Chamberlins, left my patients as well as Could be Expected. went to Son Jonas, Hannah was brot to our house and tarried till Evn. Shee is Lame yet. at Ditoes and at Son Jonas.  
12 4
Clear morn, Cloudy afternoon. James Page, his wife & Childn Calld here, Doct Cony and mrss Fisher allso. mr Ballard gone to Survey the Jaill yard. I was invited to attend at mr Bunkers weding to mrs Fanny Cocx. Son Jona & wife went. Hepsy tarried with their Childn.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.