Martha Ballard's Diary, December 16 - 26, 1799

16 2
Clear morn, Snowd before night. I have been at home, helpt do ye hous work, brot in wood and knitt Some. at home.  
17 3
Snowd. I have been at home kniting. I finisht mr Ballards Legins and began Cyruss. at home.  
18 4
Cloudy part of the day. I have been at home, [binding] Legins and kniting. Polly Hodges, Rispha Capin and Nabby Soal here at Evng. at home.  
19 5
Snowd. I have been at home, knit Some on Cyrus Legin. hepsy Spining [wool] yarn. this is ye anneversary of my mariage, 45 years. at home.  
20 6
Birth mr Saunders Son.
Clear. I was Calld at 10h morn to go and See mrs Saunders who was in Labour. I arivd there at 1, find the patient Deld of a son by the help of mrss Edson. I performd what was further necesary. we taried thro the night. I left mother and Child as well as Could be Expected and Came home at 9h [Evng]. Dagt Ballard and Childn Dind. Son and Daugt Lambd Supt with us. at mr Saunders. Birth 51st. I Sincerecd 6/. Dagt Ballard & Lambd here.  
21 7
Cloudy and Some Snow. I have Cut out and made mr Ballard a pair of Drawers, and knit some. mr Ballard been to Hallowell. at home.  
22 1
Clear. mr Ballard, Cyrus and I attended worship. we went to Son Lambds at intermition. Allin is at mr Capins, Rachel is at my Sons, Hepsy to Son Jonas at Evng. at meeting. the text in Math 6th 24th
23 2
Snow before night. mr Ballard Surveying for Judg North. I have been at home. Dagt Ballard and part of her Childn here to Tea. at home.  
24 3
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard Surveying for Judg Cony. I have been at home. the Stag hookt Son Jonas Colt and let the guts out, his wife and Hepsy helpt put them in and Sewd up the wound. at home. Jonas Colt hookt by the Stag.  
25 4
very Pleast. the Colt Expired and they killd the Stag, mr Waid assisted. I have been at home. Hepsy at Jonas helping his wife. at home.  
26 5
Clear and Pleast. I have been at home. mrs Baxter here. I Sent 21 Skeins Lining warp to mrs Wellch to weav. at home. [mrs Baxter here].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.