Martha Ballard's Diary, December 1 - 7, 1799

1 1
Clear and Cool. mr Ballard, Cyrus & Jona been to meeting. we, with Son and Dagt Lambd and Cyrus, Ephm & Hepsy took Super with Son Jona. Son Lambd and Ephm and Thomas went to Son Pollard to work. Saml Trask Came and Conducted my Dagt home. Lydia Densmore Published to mr Smith. at son Jonas, we Supt there. Dagt Lambd here at Evng
2 2
Clear and Pleast. mr Ballard got wood, Cyrus went and brote 33 of our Sheep home. Hepsy Did house work and Sewed on a Shirt. I have been Clearing the Chambers and mended Small Cloaths for Cyrus. Son Jona and wife Spent ye Evng here, Shee Doubling yarn. at home. Jona and wife here at Evng.  
3 3
Clear and Pleasant Day, Snowd at 7h Evn. I have been regulateing my things. mr mr [sic] Ballard got Some wood, Cutt up his Beef &C. Cyrus helpt Saml git Some Sheep home. he Bought a new Tea Kettle and brot home. Old mr Pollard Calld to See us. at home. Old mr Pollard here.  
4 4
Clear, Cold and very windy. mr Ballard and Jona been makeing Slead Tongue. I have been doing about house & knitt some. at home.  
5 5
Clear till Evn when it began to Snow. I have been at home. mrs Peirce & S. Tole Spent ye Evng here. I knitt on mr Balds Buskin. at home.  
6 6
X. Birth mr Whealors Dagt. XX.
Snowd. I was Calld by mr Whealor at day Break to go and see his wife in Labour. Shee was Safe deld of a Daugt, her first Born, at 10h m. I tarried and Dined, then returnd as far as Son Lambds, tarried and Supt there and Saml Conducted me home at 7h Evn. at mr Whealors and Son Lambds. Birth 50th. recd 9/.  
7 7
Snowd. I have been at home, not So well as I Could wish. Son Lambd brot Allin and left him here, then went and Conducted Dagt Pollard to his house. Hepsy and I prepareing to make Some Pies. A Stag of Son Jonas hookt a mare So that Shee Expired Soon. at home. Peris Hamlins wife Deld by mrss Mosier.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.